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Effective online language training starts with understanding your learners

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When it comes to successfully administering any online language training program, learner performance measurement is critical — and there is no shortage of key success metrics to fall back on. Whether you are leaning on performance metrics like employee retention or better on-the-job performance, all corporate training success metrics have one thing in common: they must prove your learners are engaged in the process.

In other words, are your employees learning at work? How and why are they motivated or unmotivated to learn a new professional skill? Are they retaining information? Beyond that, are they putting it to use in the workplace? What happens when they put it to use in the workplace and the results aren’t so great? How do you encourage employees to re-engage with the skill-building process?

Much time and resources are invested in understanding the answers to these questions from the perspective of corporate learners (read: your employees). A 2020 LinkedIn Learning report on the state of corporate L&D highlights the fact that the majority of all L&D professionals are making critical investments to understand and accommodate millennial and Gen Z employees with new online and mobile learning offerings.

Learner engagement is the name of the corporate language training game. Understanding just how your employees are motivated to learn can transform your efforts to launch a successful online language training program within your organization.

In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at how your employees prefer to learn and how launching a flexible, immersive online language training program can meet your employee learners right where they’re at in the learning process.

1. They prefer to be taught by experts.

In most cases, when it comes to learning a complex skill your employees will likely prefer to be taught a new skill. Online training provides no shortage of courses that are taught by topical experts—pick a skill and you will likely find an online course on the subject. If your L&D software vendors do not offer a place for your employees to engage with experts, those tools are missing the mark.

2. They are curious and autonomous.

Once your employees get a handle on the basics they want to dig deeper into concepts and topics on their own that allow them to solve problems specific to their role and related responsibilities. This means that once a learning tool is equipped with fundamentals they will explore topics on their own. The best online learning solutions allow for a deep well of expertly-curated content for your employee learners to explore.

3. They are social learners.

There’s an expiration date on your employees’ ability to sit with headphones on engaging in a virtual learning environment without social interaction. Using training tools that allow for group learning sessions will go a long way to keep the majority of your employees engaged in the process. Not to toot our own horn (but we’ll do it anyway), but the Rosetta Stone Enterprise offering allows for seamless group live language tutoring sessions led by vetted, native speakers.

4. They want to test new skills in the real world.

This is good news for any L&D professional because you probably share this same motivation. Every L&D success metric around job performance can be effectively measured when your employees are testing out newly-learned skills in the workplace. This is where the training wheels come off and they have the chance to continue learning and developing their skills in a very practical way.

Choose an award-winning enterprise language training solution.

Immersive, flexible language learning tools enable you to meet critical learning demands for each employee while consolidating L&D costs across your organization.

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  • All 24 languages from Rosetta Stone. They can switch languages at any time. The only limit? Time in the day.

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