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Putting online language coaching to work for your employees

by Rosetta Stone

Language training provides a valuable opportunity for your employees to learn and grow both professionally and personally. Turning to online coaching to supplement and enhance the language training you offer can help both your business and your employees make the most of that investment.

Practice makes perfect may sound like a bit of a cliche, but research shows live conversations and engagement play a pivotal role in successful language learning. A 2018 study indicated the kind of practice that proves most beneficial when it comes to learning a language combines opportunities for both speaking and listening. Researchers discovered learners score better on tests even for grammatical and vocabulary concepts when they have the ability to put their skills into practice.

“The results suggested that the production-practice group outperformed the comprehension-practice group on both grammatical and vocabulary tests, even after the researchers controlled for individual differences in learning.”

While live language coaching is a fantastic opportunity to engage both speaking and listening skills, it also provides a learning environment that encourages making mistakes in order to learn and grow. And for your remote employees, it can become another avenue to get support and interaction with other learners who are working towards the same goals.

For those who haven’t yet leveraged online coaching, let’s take a closer look at the benefits organizations enjoy when they bring coaching to the forefront of language training initiatives.

Level up with live online coaching from Rosetta Stone Enterprise

Rosetta Stone offers online coaching in both individual and group sessions to complement language training. These live sessions, scheduled and conducted online, help learners practice pronunciation, build confidence in their conversational skills, and glean insights from native speakers. This combination of speaking and listening practice can make live coaching a crucial component of a well-rounded and effective language training initiative.

Got more questions? We’ve got answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Rosetta Stone’s live online coaching.

What is a Rosetta Stone coaching session like?

Whether your employees engage in coaching one-on-one or as part of a group session, one thing will remain the same. Live coaching takes place online and entirely in the language your employees are practicing. This emphasis on speaking drives coaching sessions and helps learners make the most of their time.

Coaching sessions are always lead by language experts who are native speakers, so employees will get to both listen to and receive instruction in conversational skills. And the sessions are geared at whatever level your employees are at with topics that are appropriate for beginner to expert language learners.

How long is a coaching session?

Live coaching sessions last for twenty-five minutes, which allows your employees to easily find a time slot in a busy schedule. While these sessions are just shy of half an hour, they still provide time to speak and engage in-depth on the topic at hand and give each participant a chance to speak as well as listen. Because coaching sessions are designed to enhance and accompany Rosetta Stone lessons, it’s recommended learners complete at least two lessons from Unit 1 before scheduling a session.

What’s the difference between individual and group coaching sessions?

The type of coaching employees should engage really depends on what they want to get out of a session. Group sessions provide more interaction with other learners as well as the opportunity to practice active listening. For most language learners, especially beginners, group sessions provide the kind of learning environment that encourages making mistakes in order to learn from one another which can feel especially empowering. Individual instruction also has its place, specifically when language learners are trying to hone pronunciation or make progress on a difficult concept.

Want more information about live language coaching? Access Rosetta Stone coaching FAQs:


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