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Bioceres Crop Solutions uses language training to strengthen global business connections

by Rosetta Stone

Bioceres Crop Solutions is a fully-integrated provider of crop productivity solutions, including high-impact, patented technologies for seeds and microbial ag-inputs. They also provide next generation crop nutrition and protection solutions. Each of these offers substantial economic and environmental benefits and is engineered with HB4® technology, which supports the world’s only drought-tolerant soybeans and wheat.

Bioceres is a global company with an extensive geographic footprint. Their crop solutions are exported to more than 39 countries, primarily Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Europe, and South Africa.

Language training supports communication and connectivity for expanding biotech firm.

As companies grow, so do communication challenges. For Bioceres, language learning has always been a consideration. Initially introduced as part of their employee benefits package, it soon became more than a simple commodity as the company began to expand.

The thriving agricultural business started to export their solutions all over the globe—largely through Brazil, Paraguay, South Africa and the US. With this came the emergence of new overseas business units.

Now expected to collaborate with overseas coworkers and customers, language proficiency became a real need for employees across the organization. 

“As our business grew, we introduced Rosetta Stone for Enterprise as a way to manage the professional growth of our employees and to better serve our clients in emerging niche markets”

victorio cocconi – hr manager for bioseres crop solutions

Bioceres selected Rosetta Stone for its comprehensive testing suite and detailed reporting tools

After reviewing several options in the market, Bioceres chose Rosetta Stone for Enterprise to address their communication challenges. In order to ensure the return on their investment, they wanted a program that would enable them to track the proficiency of those using the platform. 

The adaptive placement tests in Rosetta Stone allow organizations to establish individualized learning paths for their users in line with entry-level skills and personal learning objectives. Proficiency tests measure progress over time, presenting a clear measurement of growth for administrators, and an opportunity for learners to celebrate their achievements. 

“We use testing data to organize learners into levels and groups, and measure performance to make sure that growth is on track.”

Victorio Cocconi – hr manager for bioceres crop solutions

User management tools in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise have allowed Bioseres to set learning objectives, and ensure they are being met. At any given time, they can obtain a clear picture of learner engagement and usage.

“Rosetta Stone for Enterprise allows us to manage our own programs, and be much more efficient about making data-driven decisions regarding how to organize learners into levels and groups, as well as enabling us to determine and measure what kind of language proficiency growth we want to achieve among the employees who are using it.”

Victorio Cocconi – HR Manager for Bioceres Crop Solutions

Employees all over the world form connections and gain better workplace satisfaction as a result of language training

Bioceres has achieved what they set out to do: improve communication across their business and with their clients.

As a company, Bioceres is extremely invested in the professional development of its employees. They recognize that in today’s rapidly changing and interconnected world, ongoing development is intrinsically tied to success. Rosetta Stone is fully web- and app-based, giving employees the opportunity to study at a time, place, and pace that suits their schedule. This has enabled Bioceres to deliver focused training to employees all over the world, without the constraints and overheads associated with a physical training space and predetermined schedule.

“Rosetta Stone is a tool which aligns itself perfectly with one of our company’s core values—personal development. In other words, we want everyone to be able to take charge of their own professional development. Rosetta Stone gives us a way to deliver on this goal, by empowering learners of all levels to study whenever and however they choose.”

Victorio Cocconi – HR Manager for Bioceres Crop Solutions

Bioceres’ language training objectives were clearly established from the very start. They wanted to support ongoing expansion by facilitating communication across multilingual teams, and be able to better serve clients in emerging niche markets. Rosetta Stone Enterprise has enabled them to do just that.


Employees at Bioceres have access to a tool which they value as being at the forefront of educational technology and learning. They recognize that Rosetta Stone is the best solution for everyone, and value being given the opportunity to learn new language skills that directly apply to their workplace setting.

Talent Development and Retention 

Rosetta Stone perfectly aligns with one of the company’s core values—personal development. Rosetta Stone gives Bioceres a way to deliver on this, through a scalable solution that addresses the needs of busy language learners in locations across the globe.


Bioceres exports their products and services to 39 countries worldwide. Language proficiency has enabled them to effectively serve customers in emerging markets, and dismantle internal language barriers.

Learn more about how Rosetta Stone can enhance help your organization better attend to the needs of multilingual customers.

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