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Blended language training powers best outcomes for HSBC employees

by Rosetta Stone

HSBC University offers opportunities for the bank’s global employees to train, learn skills, and obtain qualifications. The organization aims to provide its people with the chance to acquire the skills they need in a way that’s right for them – whether that is through face-to-face training or online. With physical headquarters in three major cities across the globe, HSBC University is open to every employee. The bank views these training opportunities as fundamental to its future success. By investing in learning, HSBC helps its employees to excel in their current roles, and continue to thrive as their careers progress.

“We’ve designed HSBC University to support our people and help them develop the skills, behaviors and confidence to take on the new challenges of leading a global bank.”

Elaine Arden, Group Head of Human Resources, HSBC Mexico

Blended training simplifies logistics and makes language training universally accessible

For HSBC, investing in the development of their employees is intrinsically tied to the organization’s success. They aim to cultivate balanced and diverse teams to effectively serve the customers and communities in which they operate. Language training is an important component of these training initiatives.

Language training is key to assuring effective communication, both internally and with clients.

“I view language training with Rosetta Stone as a great way to empower both internal and external communication. It supports global mobility and boosts opportunities for talent development and career advancement.”

silvia juarez – director of learning and development, hsbc mexico

In particular, branches in Mexican border towns and coastal regions require their customer-facing teams to speak English. For online client success teams who serve several nations (including French-speaking Canada), language training needs are also extensive. In the bank’s headquarters, executive teams use English as a common language for multinational meetings and correspondence. Employees in more strategic roles require industry-specific vocabulary and excellent communication skills in English. It was important for HSBC University to find an online solution that would address the language training needs of people across various departments and geographical regions.

“In order to understand the needs of every customer, we’re seeing a need to expand language training in certain areas of the business. Rosetta Stone has enabled us to do that.”

silvia juarez – director of learning and development, hsbc mexico

Blended learning options provide widespread opportunities for language training and drive down overheads.

The HSBC University headquarters in Mexico is responsible for delivering training initiatives to employees in Latin America. They selected Rosetta Stone for Enterprise as a solution that would deliver effective language training across the board, including for employees who were forced to work from home or adopt a hybrid working model during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Young man working from home.

Rosetta Stone’s technology-based model has impoved the efficiency of the group’s training programs.

Providing similar results to face-to-face language training, Rosetta Stone for Enterprise allows much greater flexibility for learners and more extensive global coverage.

For Silvia Juarez and her team, it has reduced the logistics involved in coordinating groups requiring a physical space and mutually convenient time for their training, and has significantly reduced overheads. 

While local employees still have the option of face-to-face classes, many find that they prefer Rosetta Stone’s blended learning programs. The flexibility to study at their own pace and in their own time is much more conducive to a busy working life that sometimes requires business travel. With Rosetta Stone, team members are able to access learning wherever they are in the world.

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise addresses the specific communication needs of top-level employees

HSBC University selected Rosetta Stone Enterprise for its extensive choice of languages, and for the breadth and scope of material available to learners. Rosetta Stone offers courses for 24 languages, with material extending through CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) level C2. 

Many of the HSBC top-level employees are following advanced English courses in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise. Since the self-guided modules include guidance on writing emails, presenting, and managing teams in English, they address skills that directly apply to the employees’ roles within the company. 

Rosetta Stone’s live tutoring sessions have improved employees’ speaking confidence and enhanced communication both internally and with clients.

Business people talking in meeting

HSBC University purchased Rosetta Stone Enterprise Gold licenses for their employees, which include unlimited access to live sessions with Rosetta Stone’s highly trained team of native speaking tutors. These are available either as individual or group lessons, and have enabled learners to build confidence and speaking fluency by practicing their language in real time, and receiving personalized guidance along the way.

“Not only has Rosetta Stone strengthened communication through our executive teams; it has also allowed us to train customer-facing teams in branches located on the US border and in regions where we serve a lot of tourists.”

Silvia Juarez – Director of Learning and Development, HSBC Mexico

User management tools in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise have allowed the organization to ensure strong returns on their investment (ROI)

HSBC University uses the administrative dashboard available within the platform to monitor learner engagement. Silvia explains that in order to ensure a return on their investment, employees enrolled in Rosetta Stone Enterprise are required to carry out at least 6 hours of language training per month and to attend 3 live tutoring sessions. Licenses for the platform that are not being used consistently can be passed on to other employees, so that they are never wasted.

Successful results

Cost consolidation

Without impacting learner engagement, taking language training online has significantly driven down costs. Since usage can be easily measured in Rosetta Stone, there is no waste of resources. The growing need for French to communicate with customers in Canada has been met entirely through Rosetta Stone.

Better business outcomes

Language training has had a positive impact on internal communication, and has also enabled teams to deliver better customer service across the world.


More than 300 employees from across the region have seamless access to unlimited language training in 24 languages, and are able to work on lessons from all over the world. 

Interested to discover more about how to deploy successful, cost-effective language training programs?

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