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The most powerful way to grow effective multilingual teams.

by Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise has successfully trained millions of corporate language learners and supported tens of thousands of proficient multilingual teams. The highly effective language learning solution has a well deserved reputation among corporations, non-profits and government agencies the world over. It supports employees to meet language learning targets and has enabled over 12,000 organizations to grow and sustain multilingual talent. So what makes it such a perfect fit for employees and business leaders?

1. Access to multi-level courses in up to 24 languages

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise has spent 30 years developing content for an unrivaled selection of 24 multi-level language learning courses. So whether your employees need to develop basic Mandarin Chinese knowledge, the skills to craft professional emails in English, or the confidence to deliver a presentation in Spanish, Rosetta Stone has you covered. Here’s the full list of languages available in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise:

Spanish (Latin America)

Spanish (Spain)




English (American)

English (British)


Chinese (Mandarin)


Farsi (Persian)








Portuguese (Brazil)



Tagalog (Filipino)



2. Course content to effectively target specific professional requirements

The immense scope of content in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise means that each individual can personalize their learning.  For beginner (CEFR pre A1*) through Intermediate (CEFR B2*) learners, the Foundations program uses guided immersion to gradually construct an understanding of key vocabulary and grammar. Once they’ve grasped the fundamentals, learners gain access to extensive topic-based content in the Fluency Builder component of Rosetta Stone for Enterprise, which takes them from B2 – C1+ on the CEFR* scale. Here, they can select courses related to specific industries or professional domains, as well as focus on overarching business skills like writing emails and delivering presentations in their target language. The way in which the content is structured allows each learner to access the language they need to excel in their professional field.

Two course components provide effective training for learners of different levels.

*Click here for more information about the CEFR levels.

3. Proven methodology

Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion is the most intuitive and effective method to learn and retain a new language. In the early stages, Rosetta Stone’s focus in Foundations is getting learners to become confident speakers. Instead of learning to rely on translations, users access their natural ability to learn language through context. Rosetta Stone helps learners systematically build language knowledge and awareness by making connections between images and words. The content is carefully structured, teaching words and then phrases, until learners are able to construct full sentences and conversations. This tried and tested approach builds a deep and lasting foundational understanding of the language, positioning learners to approach more advanced content in Rosetta Stone’s Fluency Builder.

4. Emphasis on clear pronunciation and speaking confidence

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise helps learners speak clearly and with confidence by providing constant speaking and pronunciation activities. The TruAccent tool embedded in Foundations provides the magic here! It gauges the learner’s pronunciation against that of a native speaker and works to fine tune both their accent and intonation patterns. Before long, perfectly articulated words join together to form clear sentences, and build learners’ confidence to apply their language in real-time conversations.

5. Live tutoring

Rosetta Stone’s Live Tutoring sessions provide a perfect complement to the flexible benefits of online learning, enabling learners to engage in real-time, real-life interactions. A team of native-speaking tutors deliver frequent sessions that accommodate varying language levels and topics, so that learners build fluency. In addition to speaking practice, the sessions construct cultural connections and make language learning more meaningful and exciting. 

6. Flexible access anytime, anywhere and on any device

The ability to build language learning into a busy work schedule is another benefit of Rosetta Stone for Enterprise. Flexible access online and through the Rosetta Stone mobile apps means that learners can study whenever and wherever they have the time. A single login enables progress to be reflected across both platforms, providing a seamless and effective user experience.

Did you know that regular, short sessions are proven to be the most effective way to learn a language? This is largely because they provide continuity without causing mental overload. The Rosetta Stone learning model provides the flexibility to dip into learning over a morning coffee, at the airport, or as a break from routine work in the middle of the day…and those short sessions mount up to some significant progress!

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise provides all the necessary tools to deploy effective language training programs across organizations.

7. Effective reporting features

The dashboard feature in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise provides effective reporting capabilities for program administrators. It allows them to measure learner engagement and track growth in language proficiency. The clear data in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise acts as a convenient reference when tracking return on investment (ROI), or considering individuals for a promotion or multilingual assignment.

8. Straightforward user administration and transferable licenses

Straightforward user management tools enable organizations to align license allocation with fluctuating personnel or language training requirements. If emerging markets increase the demand for certain language skills, then it’s simple to create new learner accounts or alternate access to different languages. If staff members no longer need language training, then there’s no reason to waste resources! Employees can be easily removed from Rosetta Stone if needed, and their progress is always saved, so they can always be re-added and pick up exactly where they left off!

9. Multilingual support around the clock

Rosetta Stone provides multilingual support services 24/7 to both learners and administrators through a combination of a comprehensive support site and live support from our customer success team. 

10. Ongoing support and training opportunities

Enterprise level training and support guarantees a smooth implementation process and ensures that organizations have the resources they need to optimize the impact of their language learning programs. Since every organization has specific objectives and requirements, a designated Rosetta Stone Account Manager assists in addressing those, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to plan.

Interested to learn more about how Rosetta Stone for Enterprise can help to grow and sustain multilingual teams in your organization?

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