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Empower external facing teams through language training

by Rosetta Stone
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Language training gives your external facing teams, sales and client success personnel the power to connect with a more diverse customer base, and to maximize impact of your business initiatives and support systems across multiple global regions.

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise provides the content your teams need to expedite their language learning and provide them with the skills they need to interact effectively with customers.

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise focuses on the specific communication skills needed to enhance customer success

Content tailored to the needs of external facing teams provides the specific communication skills needed to maximize your employees’ impact and performance across multiple languages. Rosetta Stone for Enterprise includes an extensive range of activities that cater to sales teams, customer success personnel and support staff and give them the precise training they need to perform successfully across language barriers.

The list of relevant material in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise includes:

  • Writing effective emails
  • Succeeding on phone calls
  • After sales and customer service
  • Improving business communication skills
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Handling negotiations
  • Dealing with negative feedback
  • Communicating with clients, customers and partners
  • Leading meetings and presentations

Build effective multilingual teams with the confidence to communicate

Not only does Rosetta Stone for Enterprise serve relevant content to fuel the success of your multilingual external facing teams, it also does so with a focus on fluency and communicative confidence. With speaking practice woven into every lesson and unlimited access to unlimited Live Tutoring sessions, your language learners will develop the ability to interact clearly and with confidence.

Ready to elevate your external facing teams? Give them the skills they need to serve and delight multilingual customers.

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