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Facilitate internal communication through language training

Improve internal communication

by Rosetta Stone

Whether it’s intended to drive internal communication, to forge stronger allegiances between regional leadership teams, or to stress the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion, language training is the most powerful way to connect people across every area and tier of your organization.

Stimulate communication through multilingual teams

Inefficient communication through your multilingual workforce can diminish productivity rates by up to 25%, compromise safety, and negatively impact employee and customer satisfaction.

Help your teams to communicate more effectively and achieve a more consistent workflow by:

  • creating a more inclusive workforce
  • improving engagement and productivity
  • curtailing misunderstandings
  • reducing the stress caused by employee dissatisfaction and churn

“We have seen colleagues who didn’t speak a word of English and are now understanding meetings and participating.

Some language learners even ask to record calls and go back and listen to them as comprehension practice to support their learning. We’re seeing real traction and much better employee engagement.”

Guido Touber – Director of Learning and Development. LKQ EUROPE

Give your employees the confidence and skills to break through language barriers

The two-tiered approach in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise, first covers general language skills and vocabulary with a strong emphasis on developing the confidence to communicate in workplace situations.

With strong foundational language knowledge under their belt, employees explore content which directly caters to their industry or role, developing the language and skills they need to maximize their performance across multiple languages.

Rosetta Stone covers specialized topics to enhance communication through internal teams:

  • Leading, communicating and listening in meetings
  • Writing effective emails and business letters
  • Managing and leading teams
  • Reading for professional purposes
Rosetta Stone content created to focus on internal communication
  • Handling sensitive topics and negotiations
  • Succeeding on phone and conference call
  • Writing and understanding reports
  • Delivering presentations

Ready to enhance communication across your business teams? Give them the skills they need to maximize their impact and performance across multiple languages.

Rosetta Stone

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