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Maximize the ROI and impact of your language training programs

by Rosetta Stone
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With multilevel language training across 24 languages (up to CEFR C1), and content designed to build key workplace competencies, Rosetta Stone for Enterprise enables you to consolidate all of your training through a single provider and improve upon the ROI, quality, scale, and scope of your programs.

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Rosetta Stone for Enterprise’s blended learning experience delivers better returns for less

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise reinforces the highly effective content with unlimited access to expert Live Tutoring. The program also provides detailed reporting tools for business leaders and enterprise level support to ensure the success of your language training programs. This combination creates the optimal learning experience and the most rewarding experience for both organizations and their employees.

  • Online language training eliminates the expense and logistics involved in coordinating face-to-face groups across multiple time zones and regions.
  • Unlimited access to live tutoring creates an optimal blended learning experience for busy employees.
  • The unrivaled scope and quality of business-specific learning content and assessment material in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise meets the language training requirements of every employee and eliminates the need for multiple service providers
  • The return on your investment (ROI) in language training is easily monitored through powerful reporting tools that track employee performance and engagement.
Rosetta Stone's business content supports multiple industries and professions
reporting tools enable customers to track the returns on their investment

“Without impacting learner engagement, taking language training online has significantly driven down costs. Since usage can be easily measured in Rosetta Stone for Enterprise, there is no waste of resources. As more language learning needs have emerged, we’ve been able to cover them without needing to seek additional providers or incur further costs”

Silvia Juarez. Head of Learning and Development, HSBC Mexico

Why Rosetta Stone for Enterprise?

Read more about why Rosetta Stone for Enterprise is the most powerful system for growing and sustaining effective multilingual teams across your organization.

Interested to explore how Rosetta Stone for Enterprise could maximize the impact and ROI of your language training programs?

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