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For corporate language learners, Live Tutoring is the catalyst for spoken fluency

by Rosetta Stone

For those learning a language for work, live tutoring is the best way to build spoken fluency. Since oral communication is usually the primary objective, incorporating Live Tutoring as part of the Rosetta Stone learning experience for your employees and can dramatically accelerate the impact of language training on your teams and your business.

For customer facing employees, spoken confidence significantly strengthens their ability to build relationships and deliver effective multilingual customer support. It also supports connectivity within multilingual teams, and contributes to an inclusive work environment that values and thrives on the contribution of every employee.

Customer success employee speaks on phone with smile

As aware as we are of its value, this aspect of language learning often represents the greatest roadblock for adult learners. Live Tutoring can help your employees get the speaking practice they need, in a safe environment—giving them the ability to speak confidently in business situations. .

Rosetta Stone tutors provide valuable personalized guidance 

Making mistakes is part and parcel of learning any new skill. Young children slip up as they’re acquiring language and so (quite naturally) do adults. Nonetheless, Chinese-American author Amy Chua points to something that’s worth reminding learners as they summon the courage to put their target language skills into practice. 

“Do you know what a foreign accent is?” she says. “It’s a sign of bravery.” 

What’s important is that mistakes and mispronunciations are gently corrected as they emerge. This is most effectively done through personalized coaching on the part of native-speaking tutors; an opportunity provided by Rosetta Stone’s Live Tutoring sessions.

Live Tutoring is delivered by native-speaking educators 

For those striving to operate effectively in their target language, Live Tutoring fuels spoken competence and fluency. Rosetta Stone tutors are native-speaking experts who model correct pronunciation and grammar, and are trained to help learners feel at ease and foster their ability to communicate. 

Take this example from Christina, who facilitates Live Tutoring sessions in English. “Enjoy the interaction with your tutor,” she reminds learners. “Don’t be nervous – if your language skills were perfect, we wouldn’t get to meet you, and that would be our loss.”

One particular lesson sticks out in her mind:

Tutor delivers lesson and takes notes
Rosetta Stone tutor smiles in front of computer screen

My learner explained to me that they were nervous for class and afraid of making a mistake…I shared with them that I had been learning Spanish and that I too am afraid to make mistakes, but that I keep trying. I told them we all make mistakes and that it’s part of the learning process. 

We see this every day with our learners but help them build confidence through praise and positive reinforcement. I have learned that what we do really does make a difference (in fueling learner success). We truly do make meaningful connections with our learners.

Christina, US English Tutor

Rosetta Stone tutoring accelerates speaking proficiency

Time and again, organizations note that Rosetta Stone’s Live Tutoring sessions contribute immensely to their employees’ success. They provide a comfortable online environment in which learners feel empowered to apply their target language in real-time conversations. Tutors carefully adapt sessions to accommodate the proficiency level of each participant. Here’s an account that describes the sense of achievement this fosters:

“The tutor wanted to know what my work day looked like, what my favorite hobbies are, did I play or watch sports, and some other specific daily life questions. I have to admit that these questions really stretched my conversational skills, but not in an unpleasant way; rather, they were challenging and were proof that I do have the ability to communicate in French.”

David, French learner

For learners who work Live Tutoring into their routine on a regular basis, the results can be astounding. Here are some personal accounts:

“My experience has been life changing. Like many people I studied several languages in school. However, I could not have a conversation in any of the languages UNTIL I started using Rosetta Stone for Enterprise…with daily practice (and Live Tutoring) I have seen amazing results. I finally have the skills and confidence to have a conversation in the languages I have been studying. Thank you, Rosetta Stone!”

Jodi, Spanish learner

“It’s a very effective way to learn English. I am always happy to start a new class with the very positive energy the teachers bring to it. I especially improved my pronunciation skills and it helped me to get better fluency.”

Andre, US English learner

“Language tutoring is a safe place to test and improve your language skills.”

Niall, German learner

Tutoring boosts learner engagement by building interpersonal connections

Rosetta Stone tutors gain immense satisfaction from enabling their learners’ success and witnessing the growth in their confidence and skills. In many instances, they further enrich the learning experience by forging deeper connections with those who regularly participate in their sessions. Here’s one such story:

One learner had gone missing for a couple of weeks, but returned to let me know that he was getting married. I remembered that I had been introduced to his fiancée in our very first interaction. I was honored to be included in their news and wished them well.

Even though our classes are brief, the impact is powerful. He is back on the schedule for next week. Yay!

Valerie, US English Tutor

These interpersonal connections can not only make learning more meaningful, but can provide important cultural insights to inform and enrich future business relationships.

Group of multilingual employees smile at each other

Organizations that utilize Live Tutoring see accelerated business outcomes 

For companies seeking to facilitate communication through internal teams and with multilingual clients, Live Tutoring can bring about more immediate and enduring results. Many team leaders set and measure objectives for their employees, and include the time they spend studying independently and in Live Tutoring sessions as part of the key performance objectives (KPIs) to ensure the return on their investment (ROI)

Rosetta Stone’s fully supported enterprise solution enables leaders to gather data on learner engagement and proficiency, and to fully leverage the potential of language training to extend global business networks and contribute to a more inclusive corporate environment.

Interested to learn more about how the Rosetta Stone for Enterprise platform and tutoring services can enhance communication through your organization? 

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