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The best language training for manufacturing and automotive teams

by Rosetta Stone

The manufacturing, automotive and engineering industries are some of the fastest evolving of modern times. Responding to increasing concerns for efficiency and sustainability, workers are constantly innovating, implementing new technologies and designing cutting-edge designs. With a high prevalence of multilingual teams and large volume of international trade in these industries, effective communication is a vital part of ensuring that logistics and production lines continue to flow smoothly. By deploying effective language training for your manufacturing teams through a solution that caters to the specific needs of their teams, you can greatly enhance collaboration and improve business outcomes. 

Enhance safety and performance across your manufacturing organization

As with any other industry, employees’ day-to-day communication needs depend heavily on their function within the organization. Effective language training for your manufacturing and engineering teams comes in the form of a solution that caters to their specific needs and objectives, and which covers industry-related content.

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise provides multi-level language courses in 24 languages, with general business and industry-specific content to match the requirements of employees across all areas of your manufacturing or automotive-related company. From outlining risks and ensuring safety on the factory floor, to forging multilingual business relationships and delivering excellent customer service, Rosetta Stone for Enterprise provides the specific skills your employees need to improve upon productivity, safety, and performance.

Why do top tier manufacturing clients choose Rosetta Stone for Enterprise?

As a scalable and extensive language training solution, Rosetta Stone for Enterprise covers every aspect of multilingual communication with a specific focus on the vocabulary and terminology used through manufacturing, automotive and engineering teams. Its immense range of content addresses the specific needs of every employee, from individuals on multilingual production lines, to those in positions of leadership. The self-paced online learning environment and range of available language courses enables organizations to democratize training by creating equitable opportunities for employees across multiple regions. 

Live Tutoring enhances confidence and fluency

Available 24/7 and at every level, Live Tutoring strengthens spoken proficiency and reinforces learners’ confidence to interact in real time. Rosetta Stone learners in every corner of the world  can connect with expert native-speaking tutors for real-life conversational practice, to ask questions, and receive personalized feedback that guides and accelerates their learning journey. 

Measure performance and prove the return on investment 

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise is easily implemented and provides powerful administrative tools to measure performance and track your return on investment (ROI). It measures employee performance and engagement, allowing you to tie language training into your staff’s key performance objectives (KPIs), and measure their progress and proficiency.

Facilitate multilingual communication and enhance business outcomes. 

Drive down retention costs

Voluntary turnover costs the manufacturing industry millions of dollars each year. Employees need to feel at home, and feel included. By adding language training to your professional development program, you increase your chances of attracting and retaining the industry’s very best multilingual talent. In addition to empowering communication between coworkers and with customers and partners, the mission to upskill your workforce improves employee satisfaction and engagement. 

Reduce productivity barriers

Language barriers across factories and warehouses can lead to loss of productivity and significant drops in quality. When a multilingual workforce is unable to collaborate effectively, both time and resources are wasted.

Make safety a priority.

Safety is on the mind of every manufacturing firm’s HR leader. While not all safety-related incidents are fatal, they are almost always expensive. As well as compromising the safety of your employees, one small misinterpretation of a safety protocol can lead to significant financial losses. 

Empower your manufacturing teams to thrive in a multilingual industry and meet the challenges of tomorrow?

Rosetta Stone

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