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Effective language training for banking and finance professionals

by Rosetta Stone

In an increasingly interconnected world, it’s easier than ever before to track monetary rates and financial trends, and shift personal and business investments from one country to another. As people move their money and business, they want to be sure that their needs are met and that information is provided in a language that they understand. By offering language training for banking and financial services employees, you can grow your business and help to establish the personal trust with multilingual clients that leads to profitable relationships and satisfied customers the world over.

Investment bankers, financial advisors, and commercial bankers are often required to speak more than one language as part of their day-to-day work. Not only do language skills help them to communicate clearly and effectively with multilingual clients, they also empower stronger communication with international coworkers. This contributes towards improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Meet the needs of every financial services employee 

In order to democratize training and provide every employee with access to the specific language skills they need to build, Rosetta Stone for Enterprise has developed an unrivaled range of multilevel content in 24 languages. Courses cover general business skills as well as finance-specific content to meet the needs of those working in financial industries.

We work with multiple top-tier financial planning, banking, and consultancy companies and have carefully curated courses that meet industry needs.

“I view language training with Rosetta Stone as a great way to empower both internal and external communication. It supports global mobility and boosts opportunities for talent development and career advancement.”

Director of Learning and Development, HSBC Mexico

Employees in every domain of the financial industry will find course content to match the skills and vocabulary they need.

Rosetta Stone learners can freely access hundreds of banking and finance language learning courses to grow their skills anytime, anywhere and in accordance with their specific needs.

Live Tutoring enhances confidence and fluency

Available 24/7 and at every level, Live Tutoring strengthens spoken proficiency and reinforces learners’ confidence to interact in their chosen language. Rosetta Stone learners in every corner of the world can connect with expert native-speaking tutors for real-life conversational practice, to ask questions and receive personalized feedback that guides and accelerates their learning journey.

Multilingual teams attract clients and build better business relationships

There are several jobs in the financial world where language skills are particularly important—investment bankers, financial advisors, and bank clerks are just some of those who deal directly with customers and for whom multilingualism is a great asset. In the US alone, financial customers span multiple cultures and languages, with 65 million residents speaking a language other than English. 

Depending upon their role, employees in the financial industry may either be communicating with individuals or required to assist companies with their finances. In any case, they are frequently dealing with sensitive information to assist with large transactions. An ability to communicate clearly is important to ensuring customers feel secure and confident about their decisions and in the handling of their finances. 

Using language learning as part of your talent acquisition programs

With such a great demand for language skills, employees realize that being bilingual or multilingual can be beneficial for career advancement and can enable them to secure higher wages in the financial industry. By providing training for your teams in these skills, you provide opportunities for internal growth and improve employee satisfaction.

Attract and retain global talent

Aside from improving multilingual customer satisfaction and support, language training contributes to an inclusive work environment. It promotes tolerance and builds understanding, improves collaboration through multilingual teams, and creates opportunities to embrace alternative perspectives and form deeper interpersonal connections.

Language training not only positions your organization to attract top multilingual talent, but builds an optimal working environment in which employees are more likely to remain and thrive.

Support global mobility

In larger financial organizations there are frequent opportunities for global mobility. Employees may be required to travel overseas and engage in complex multilingual client meetings. In order for this to happen successfully, they require flexible access to effective training in multiple languages, whenever and wherever they need to access it, and with a focus on the vocabulary and skills they need to perform successfully at work. Whether it be for a short business trip or to support employees who are relocated overseas for longer periods of time, targeted language training helps them to settle and thrive in a new environment.

How does Rosetta Stone support employees in the financial services industry?

For intermediate and advanced learners, Rosetta Stone provides specialized language training pathways for employees in the financial services industry.

Custom content with industry-related scenarios

Banking and finance-related vocabulary

Training in advanced business communication 

Leadership skills

Customer service and communication

Ready to improve communication through your financial services teams and with customers?

Rosetta Stone

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