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Learn from corporate language training experts who discuss topics related to impact, cost efficiency and learner success.

Growing multilingual external-facing teams

Lead by Nicole Ricard. Time: 30 minutes

For many businesses, multilingual customer service has become a top priority, as improved digital communication networks have enabled both consumers and businesses to explore the global marketplace more extensively than ever before. 

Language training is essential in empowering external-facing teams to understand and serve customers around the world, and in helping global business leaders to drive their global strategy forward.

In this webinar, you learn from the experience of organizations that have introduced language training for their teams, and by doing so, have successfully grown their business overseas.

Identifying language needs and upgrading professional development plans for global employees

Lead by Troy Tilus. Time: 30 minutes


Technology has transformed the way we communicate and do business across the globe. In this webinar, we examine the opportunities and challenges associated with global connectivity, and look at the impact of language proficiency on employee productivity and business success. 

By tracing the evolution of corporate language training, we look at why online language training is the most most effective system for today’s employees. Finally, you’ll learn the 5 key steps involved in growing successful multilingual teams and be offered practical guidance on how to assess, address, and measure the professional development needs of your employees.

The efficiency guide – successful online language programs for your organization

Lead by Harpreet Banger. Time: 30 minutes

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Today’s workforce is increasingly dominated by digital natives, and the way in which they access information and training has transformed.  

This webinar session will examine the employee evolution, and explore the most efficient way to address their professional development needs. With specific reference to language training, we will weigh the advantages of e-learning with the challenges associated with learner engagement. We’ll look at how to optimize training outcomes and budgets, and present real-world examples of how best to prepare your workforce for success in today’s interconnected world. 

Using language learning to support global mobility and overseas expansion

Lead by Huw Carter. Time: 30 minutes

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Did you know that 40% of employee relocation efforts end in failure? Most are as a result of failed integration.

Language training is key for promoting global mobility success and averting wasted relocation costs. Not only does it help to support with employee integration, but strengthens emerging relationships with clients and connections to local coworkers.

This webinar draws on examples of how language training has helped businesses like yours improve upon employee engagement and retention of globally mobile employees, and increased their success overseas.

Want to discuss how language training can help support employees to grow your business? Learn more by speaking to the experts at Rosetta Stone for Enterprise.

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